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Everything You Need to Know About Retirement


Our group of insurance advisors are committed to helping you find the services you’re looking for. Whether you are nearing retirement or only beginning to plan your family’s future, read on below about the services we have to offer.

Medical – Healthcare Planning

Medicare Planning with Futurity First of Southern Arizona

Medicare Planning

We help Medicare-eligible individuals find the insurance plans they need. There are a variety of different Medicare advantage plans, let us help you navigate them and find the plan you’re looking for. Medicare is a complex system, but our experts can make it easy for you.

Disability insurance with Futurity First of Southern Arizona

Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance offers monthly payments to those who have worked, paid their Social Security taxes, and have since faced disabilities that keep them from being able to work. We can help you navigate the complexities of disability insurance to get you the benefits you deserve.

Vision and Dental insurance with Futurity First of Southern Arizona

Vision/Dental Insurance

We can help you choose from a variety of affordable dental and vision plans to find the coverage that’s right for you. We help individuals and families find vision and dental insurance, including bundled plans to save you money!

Health Insurance with Futurity First of Southern Arizona

Health Insurance

No matter where you live in Arizona, we can help you find the appropriate insurance for the situation you find yourself in. Call us today or schedule an appointment to get the lowdown on all of your health insurance options.

Asset Protection – Financial | Long Term Care (LTC) | Annuities

Long Term Care Planning with Futurity First of Southern Arizona

Long Term Care Planning

When considering long-term care options, most people want to live in their own home, where they feel most comfortable. We can help you plan your future to make the most of your savings and live comfortably for now and into the future.

Life Insurance & Legacy

Life Insurance with Futurity First of Southern Arizona

Life Insurance

Life insurance generally comes in two varieties, which are term and whole. We can work with you to find the correct life insurance plan based on your needs, and make sure your family is covered in case of unpredictable events.

Final Expense Planning with Futurity First of Southern Arizona

Final Expense Planning

Final expenses can end up running your family a pretty penny, but with our help you can mitigate expenses. Burial insurance is a cost-effective way to resolve final expenses while giving your loved ones the benefit of paying off and settling outstanding debts.

Retirement Income & Savings

Annuity with Futurity First of Southern Arizona


Annuities are special insurance contracts designed to help you set aside money for retirement. Once you make it to retirement, annuities pay out regularly on a monthly, quarterly or annual schedule, giving you the steady income stream you can rely on later in life.

Retirement Planning with Futurity First of Southern Arizona

Retirement Planning

We offer plans to help you create the financially secure retirement you’re looking for. Our experts have helped many like you find the right investment plans to make sure your retirement is everything you’re hoping it will be.